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When properly harnessed, social media is a powerful tool. It allows you to engage more effectively with your clients, build your brand identity and increase customer loyalty.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sea of available social media sites. Which platforms should you be using? How often should you post? What should you post? What type of media is most effective and how do you best engage your target audience? Managing and maintaining multiple profiles on various platforms can be time consuming and complex. Since each social media platform has its own unique identity, it is important to consider each as a separate entity.

My social media consultation services address all these elements and help you build an effective ongoing social media strategy. I have a wealth of experience managing and building strong social media accounts that can help your brand gain traction in a competitive marketplace. My diverse portfolio includes profiles such as @thefightbuzz on Twitter, reaching up to 8.2 million viewers a month. On Facebook I have built the Cornwall Travel Guide account almost 50,000 followers.

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Thanks to my wealth of experience in social media management I can help navigate this complex marketplace. Experienced in managing accounts on Twitter and Facebook that reach millions of viewers every month, I understand what it takes to build a highly successful campaign. My social media consultation services help individuals and businesses to run highly successful accounts and reach impressive sized audiences.

The first step is considering what you are looking to achieve from social media. Are you looking to engage customers better and get more followers? Do you want to increase brand loyalty and learn how to effectively use influencers? By understanding your needs, we can tailor a campaign that achieves your specific goals.

Next you will need to set up and optimise profiles on the appropriate platforms. I can help you select which platforms will best relate to your target audience – from text based Twitter to image led Instagram and video friendly Facebook. I will work with you to build a marketing strategy for each site as part of a broader campaign. From content creation to timing your posts and social media management I can help you utilise social media more effectively.

Do I Really Need To Use Social Media?

Social media management is time consuming, and can seem like an unnecessary hassle. However, it continues to be a fast growing ecosystem and not one you want to be left out of. While the investment of time or money may seem costly, the results can far exceed the initial outlay.

If you understand your goals and have a clear strategy in place, social media does not have to be a burden. You can avoid time wasting by scheduling your posts in advance and designing your posts to maximise their effect.

Whether you are launching a social media campaign from scratch or trying to improve your current profile, I can help you plan a robust strategy to bring you the results you are looking for.


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