What is Mobile First Design?

It might seem relatively self-explanatory by the name but many people do struggle when it comes to realising what makes mobile first web design is and why it’s so beneficial. Mobile first design basically means you design your website with the mobile user in mind first and foremost.

Rather than designing a traditional desktop website and then having it converted into a mobile-friendly form you focus on the mobile user first. Hence the name mobile first design, despite the fact that mobile users are increasing year on year many people still build their websites for desktop computers first and then have it converted into a mobile-friendly form.

But this is the wrong app
roach to take especially nowadays when websites really need to be mobile ready right away. Now while it might seem like mobile first design doesn’t offer many advantages when compared to simply having your desktop site converted there are some important unique benefits. 53% of all mobile users will leave the website within 3 seconds, if the site isn’t optimised for mobile.

Mobile First Design

Mobile First vs Mobile Responsive

Converting your pre-existing desktop website to a mobile-friendly form is usually done using something called mobile responsive design. This uses complex coding to alter the way a website is displayed to make it more appealing and easier to navigate depending on the type of device that is used to access it.

While it is certainly workable mobile responsive design still prioritises desktop users first. Whereas mobile first design offers a more optimised, faster and efficient website that is going to be much better suited for mobile users.

All too often mobile responsive design can result in a website losing features, of having to lower the quality of graphics when it is accessed on mobile devices. Whereas with a mobile first design you can ensure your website looks just as good on a mobile device as it would on a desktop computer.

Mobile first design will also give you a more uniform look across all devices and it is better suited for using built-in phone features. Mobile first design is also more modern and while it isn’t always going to offer total optimisation on a desktop computer the majority of your users (those using smartphones and tablets) will have a much more pleasant experience.

Mobile First Web Design

Mobile first is the more modern alternative to mobile responsive design and to be blunt it offers so much more! With a mobile first website, you will get a sleeker look, faster performance and will be able to use features that are commonplace on smartphones and tablets.

People can use their camera, voice detection and much more giving people a more unique user experience. A mobile first web design will be much more appealing to visitors and websites of all kinds can harness a mobile first design effectively. Whether it’s for a business or personal website a mobile first design should be your first choice when it comes to designing your website.

So, if you are planning to build a new website or want to refresh an existing one mobile first design should be your strategy. And if you are looking for a professional web designer who can properly harness the mobile first design strategy I can help. With my wealth of experience, you can get a mobile first website that will properly represent you.