There are few things worse than waiting for a website to fully load and really in 2019 the vast majority of people simply won’t be willing to! Using the internet should be quick no matter what kind of website you are visiting.

But optimising your website for optimal speed isn’t always easy. It is all too easy for things to go wrong you might add a new feature or change a few images and then your website might suddenly start loading very slowly.

But of course, you can’t simply stop making additions and changes to your website can you? But changing a page or adding a feature aren’t the only things you need to watch out. A website’s speed can be impacted by a huge number of different things but there are a variety of ways you can stay on top of things and ensure your website offers a quick performance.

Ensuring A Speedy Performance 

So, how do you ensure your website always offers a fast performance? Well while there could be certain things outside your control that could impact your website’s speed, like a visitor’s internet connection for example that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own areas to consider.

The most important of these things being your website’s design. Poor web design will impact a number of things but it will almost always result in your website being very slow. Common issues that can cause a slow performance include large graphics, unnecessary or poorly-implemented features, poor web hosting or your website simply being too big.

That’s only some of the main problems to consider that can cause a slow performance there are plenty of others but they will all mostly be involved with some area of your website’s design. This is why ensuring you have a high-quality web design is so important.

CMS Themes

Many people make the mistake of adopting a prebuilt theme for their website thinking it will guarantee a speedy performance. But themes aren’t a shortcut to success in fact sometimes they can actively cause a slower performance.

Many themes can be loaded with unnecessary code or have features that you won’t ever use or even need which means your website will need to load more data causing a slower performance. So, if you want to ensure your website offers optimal speed you should be using the services of a professional web designer like me.

Whether you are building a new website from scratch or suffering performance issues with your existing one I can help! Building a new website to ensure optimal performance will be much easier when you let a professional handle it and a unique or custom design will always be quicker than a prebuilt theme.

But if you want to revitalise a prebuilt website to ensure optimal speed I can help there as well. Professional web design is one of the best ways to ensure your website (no matter what it is for) always runs at optimal efficiency. Using the google page speed tester you’ll be able to test your site to see how fast it really is.

Speed Tester

Why Speed Is Essential For Websites

It debatably but I’d argue there are few things worse than waiting for a website to load. Yes sometimes things happen that can cause performance issues but these should be a rarity, not the norm. This means if you want people to actually visit your website and most importantly revisit it in the future you will need to ensure it is fast.

People will click off your website and look for an alternative if it won’t load quickly and when it comes to the internet quickly means in seconds and I mean the low single-digit numbers. Business websites in particular need to ensure they are very fast.

Speed is one of the most important areas to consider when it comes to offering a positive user-experience so it should be one of your main concerns. A slow website will impact your SEO, visitor numbers, profits and much more so any modern website should be properly optimised to ensure maximum speed whenever possible.