Marketing is essential for any business and social media is an amazing tool for it.

In fact, few things have changed the way marketing can be done like social media as and whether it’s on behalf of a huge business or a humble freelancer social media marketing can be a powerful tool.

But in 2019 your basic social media tactics aren’t going to cut it, are they? It might seem strange to say given how young social media has we know it now is (relatively speaking) but many of the marketing tips that enjoyed success just a year or two ago aren’t going to be as effective in 2019.

Social media is constantly shifting which can make utilising it effectively for marketing quite difficult. There are always going to be a few things you can do whatever the year is but if you really want to succeed then you need to go beyond just those.

So, to help you market your goods/ services using social media I’ve compiled my own tips. As an experienced web designer and social media consultant, I’ve had a valuable insight into how social media works. And by using that knowledge and experience I’ve been able to craft these essential social media marketing tips for 2019. 

Know Your Audience

By far one of the most important social media marketing tips is to know who your desired audience is and their social media habits. Does your target audience mainly use Twitter or Facebook? Do they passively engage or are they more active on social media?

With so many social media websites it’s likely your audience will be spread out to some degree. But most audiences will have a preference so make sure you are focusing the brunt of your efforts on the right social media sites.

Constantly Be Creating Content

If you want to use social media marketing effectively you will need content to share, won’t you? So, you should have a good supply of it at the ready. This doesn’t have to just be blog posts either it can take many forms like images, videos and much more. When it comes to social media marketing quality and quantity are equally important. 

Visual Impact Matters

Never underestimate the power of a good photograph or graphic design when it comes to social media. Websites like Instagram are built around this which means if you want to market yourself or your business effectively on social media you will need to know how to use images.

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Use Your Followers

Your followers can be a great resource when it comes to social media marketing. If people tweet or message you showing their praise for your service/ products then you have valuable user-generated content you can share again. Many businesses do this across social media to convince people they offer a quality service. Remember content creation doesn’t have to just be done by you. 

Focus On Shares Not Sales

Marketing is about driving sales but when it comes to social media marketing you are also looking to improve engagement. In some cases, it could be argued that is even more important than making a sale in some respects.

You want people tagging you in their posts and following you because this greatly increases the likelihood of other people doing it. Remember every time someone tags you that person’s entire friend list could see the post. So, focus on driving shares and likes as that will help drive future sales. 

Your Website is Very Important

Social media marketing doesn’t mean you have to just keep an eye on your social media pages/profiles. You also need to keep an eye on your website as well, much or what you share on social media will be aiming to get people to go to your website.

So, make sure once they get there that they will like what they see. A professional design is essential and remember this goes beyond just the appearance. It will also need to be fast, efficient and easy to navigate as well. Many people struggle to achieve this tri-factor alone which is why using a professional web designer can be so beneficial. 

Don’t Expect Instant Success

Success with social media marketing will take time. Sometimes you can shoot to success very quickly with a lucky post that attracts attention from the right person. But this is the exception not the rule so give things enough time to grow and develop. 

Lookout For Emerging Trends and Technology

You will always want to stay alert for emerging trends and technology when it comes to social media marketing. If you move too slowly you can easily miss huge marketing opportunities. And new technologies are being developed all the time. Facebook for example now rivals YouTube when it comes to video sharing. So, always keep an eye out for new features to see how you can utilise them.

If you need help with any area of your social media marketing then I can help. As an experienced social media manager, I have the skills and knowledge to help any business or individual use social media more effectively. So, if you are lost at sea when it comes to social media my professional consultation service can help.